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Cultura foundation is an uniting factor working through culture. Our aim is that the Russian speaking Finns become an active part of the Finnish society while maintaining their own language and identity. We work in Finland and cooperate with different organisations in other EU countries.

To whom

The foundation cooperates with Russian speaking Finns as well as with the Finnish ministeries, governmental and non-governmental organisations, policy-makers and municipalities. Since culture is the cornerstone of our activities, we also work with artists and researchers.


The foundation works by means of culture, communication and cooperation. Cooperation is based on trust. Trust is essential, when we want to work for common goals and make changes in our society. Trust is built through open discussion when people meet each other.

Culture creates a multifaceted, interesting basis for communication. It helps to handle difficult questions. Art, culture, discussion and experiment can help us to understand each other. We spark discussion also by research and practical projects.

The Parliament of Finland donated ten million euros to the Cultura Foundation for the Anniversary Fund for the 150th Anniversary of Regular Legislative Work in Finland which Cultura manages.  The Anniversary Fund’s grants are intended for Finns studying Russian language and culture and for developing teaching. The more there are people knowing Russian language and culture, the easier will the communication be.

The foundation annually applies for basic funding for its operations from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Veikkaus lottery profit funds allocated to art and culture. Other funding is applied from different sources for intergation and cultural projects.



The first CulturaFest event is organised, the research "Russian speaking Finns: here and now" is conducted, Media Project begins. The Anniversary Fund supports teaching, studying and research of the Russian language and culture by 200 000 €.


The international conference ”The Russian Speaking Communities in Europe 2016 in a Fragmented Media Landscape” is organised. Russian cultural event Harasoo! is produced together with Kanneltalo Helsinki cultural center.


Anniversary Fund starts to award grants for studying, teaching and research of Russian language and culture. Cultura Foundation moves from Vuorikatu to Lintulahdenkatu in Sörnäinen.


Osaava project starts. Osaava got funding for three years, and it’s aim was to create a model that supports empowerment and active citizenship of Russian speaking immigrants in Finland. Osaava was financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and it was a part of the government’s immigration programme for 2012 – 2015. The nationwide Osaava project was a starting point for many active Russian speaking organisations.


The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland establishes the Cultura Foundation to support Russian language and Culture as well as integration of Russian speaking immigrants in Finland. The Parliament of Finland donates ten million euros to the Cultura Foundation for the Anniversary Fund for the 150th Anniversary of Regular Legislative Work in Finland.

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Rules, Members of Board, the Governing Bodies of the Anniversary Fund

Anniversary Fund

The Anniversary Fund grants to Finns funding for Russian language and culture studies and the development of related studies in these areas.

Our Team

Данил Лопаткин

Генеральный продюсер, CulturaFest

Ирина Спажева

Координатор проектов, Sense of Belonging

Аниса Кеттунен


Эйлина Гусатинская

Руководитель направления / общество и молодежь

Лаура Коскимиес

Координатор проектов

Пекко Кохонен


Анна Сидорова

Руководитель направления / культура и диалог

Дарья Агапова

Координатор музейной программы


Lintulahdenkatu 10,
00500 Helsinki


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