CulturaTalk is a series of discussions and meetings, that promote networking between Russian-Speaking Finns, native Finns and other groups of immigrant origin living in Finland. The aims of the discussions are to create multilingual cooperation, prevent hate speech and racism, encourage to interaction and empowerment as well as strengthen our capability to understand each other.

The challenge in multiligual cooperation is often the experience of unjustice, mistrust and outsiderness. It’s important to talk about attitudes and feelings, but also to search solutions and possibilities together. In future we want to arrange open discussions also beyond the Helsinki Region.

The discussions are organized together with the local NGOs, institutions and activists in public spaces like libraries.

Project team

Anna Sidorova

Ohjelmajohtaja / Kulttuuri ja dialogi

+358 50 563 2902


Eilina Gusatinsky

Ohjelmajohtaja / Yhteiskunta ja nuoret

+358 40 570 5755

Hanni Hyvärinen


+358 45 1337 337