Finland’s Russian speaking Population Grows Fast

Each year about 3000 Russian speakers choose to live in Finland. They are the biggest and fastest growing language minority in the country. Part of the Russian speakers are well integrated, but some are living on the margins of society, says Cultura Foundation’s recent survey.

The Foundation initiated the survey in autumn 2017, because not much research has been conducted about Finland’s Russian speaking minority. This fresh survey made by researchers Sirkku Varjonen and Aleksander Zamiatin also contains a scan about Russian speaking organisations made by survey coordinator Marina Rinas.

”The experiences of discrimination and being rejected are clear barriers for the formation of common Finnish identity. On the other hand, positive contacts can promote good relations between the Russian speaking minority and other ethnic groups”, says Pekko Kohonen, director of the Cultura Foundation.

”A possibility to maintain and nurture one’s own language and culture, feeling simultaneously a part of the society, is important for both personal well being and the functioning multicultural environment”, he continues.

Cultura Foundation was established in 2013.  The Foundation’s aim is to support the identity and integration of the Russian speaking minority in Finland, and increase interaction between different ethnic groups in the country.

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