Cultura Foundation trains bilingual freelancers to work for the Museums of the capital region

Workshops and open lessons in Russian and Finnish will be organized in April-May 2018. Lessons are open for everybody who works at the museum or is interested in museum work, and they will be conducted by specialists from Helsinki and St Petersburg.  Translation is available during the course.

The aim of the programme is to strengthen cooperation between Finnish cultural institutions and Russian speaking Finns by educating bilingual freelancers for museum work. The participants can work as guides and translators, host workshops and panel discussions as well as write materials in Russian. The programme is built for Russian speaking Finns who already have or would like to have work experience in the cultural field. For museum workers it offers an opportunity to develop professional skills. A certificate will be given to those who accomplish the course.

The freelancers have an opportunity to work in museums during CulturaFest ’18 in November.