The Cultura Foundation launched operations in January 2013.In addition to the Ministry of Education and Culture, co founders include the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Lappeenranta and Joensuu, the Finnish Association of Russian speaking Organizations (FARO) and Suomi-Venäjä-Seura. The main funder of the foundation is the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Language and culture in enhancing integration

The Cultura Foundation supports the integration of Russian speaking immigrants through art and culture and encourages Russian speakers in Finland to maintain their own cultural identity. We also support their increased interaction with the other demographic groups in Finland.

Events, seminars and other occasions

The Foundation arranges events and happenings in Finnish, Russian, and English. The programme is implemented in partnership with experts, research institutes, cultural centres, artists and multicultural and immigrant organisations. The events showcase interesting directions in the arts and culture, and deal with topical society-wide themes.


The aim of our projects is to spread information about Finnish society and make people participate in its operations. We promote interaction and active citizenship. The projects take the form of seminars, workshops, trainings and networking opportunities. Our partners include municipalities, integration experts, academies and associations.

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Anniversary fund

Fund for the 150th Anniversary of Regular Legislative Work in Finland, established by the Finnish Parliament on 18 September 2013.

The Anniversary Fund grants to Finns funding for Russian language and culture studies and the development of related studies in these areas. The fund is aimed at increasing the popularity of studying the Russian language, improving learning outcomes, increasing student mobility and exchange between Finland and Russia, and advancing the understanding of Russian culture.

Governing bodies of the fund

The fund’s directory consists of five members: Member of Parliament Maria Guzenina, as the chairman; Secretary General Merja Hannus, of the Finland–Russia Society; Professor Tomi Huttunen, of the University of Helsinki; Professor Matti Turtiainen, of the University of Eastern Finland; and Counsellor Leena Aaltonen, with the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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A competent agent with a network

The Cultura Foundation is an organisation of specialists that promotes the integration of Russian speakers and encourages their active participation in modern multicultural Finland. Through close partnership, initiative and dialogue, the Foundation strengthens its understanding and appreciation of the topical questions that concern Russian speakers everywhere, be it in Finland or internationally. Varied networks support the Foundation’s efforts to make a difference and raise awareness of matters that require public discussion and debate.

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